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Reflections on 2022

December 30, 2022 | 03:00 PM

I write a blog at the end of every year. This year, I will also write the blog for the end of 2022. This year, I started working for a new company, and this company’s official language is English. I had never worked for such a company and wasn’t good at English, so I have been making an effort to improve my English skills for now. That’s one reason I will start writing this blog in English.



As I mentioned earlier, I changed my job in August. A new company called MODE makes software for IoT solutions for businesses.

Why I joined MODE? I was attracted for the following reasons especially.

Having joined and been working for five months, the work and environment are as expected. I’m enjoying the MODE life.

For the next year, I will gain deep knowledge of the company’s software itself and low-level programming like a Linux system. My first company used Docker, and I had fewer experiences with touching the Linux system directly. In terms of IoT solutions, it needs to consider an edge-side computer and need to consider Linux system. These are good opportunities for me to learn Linux systems. Making IoT software solutions, unlike making basic web applications, has many consideration points, and it sometimes gives me a hard time but also gives me a lot of knowledge about systems. I hope to keep and enjoy learning again next year.


I moved to Kanagawa from Tokyo, Shinagawa, and lived together with my partner. I lived other than Tokyo for the first time since I moved to Tokyo when I entered uni. Having grown up in a country, it feels fit, and I have a great time.

Especially I could get to run on the riverside, that feels refreshing. When I was in Shinagawa, Shinagawa had a lot of buildings and traffic lights which were not positive for running. Due to such environmental changes, I ran 772 km this year, and I would like to aim for 1000 km next year.

For 2023

2022 was the year of trying new things, and I figured out I still have much staff to learn. I got a little bit bored with the life of software development in 2021, but now there are many issues and staff to learn to solve these issues in my current environment, which makes me excited. I would like to keep enjoying and learning for next year.

Thank you to everyone who helped, talked to, and involved me. See you again next year!


Thank you for reading this article to the end. The original data of this article is here. If you feel that my English expression is not correct, you can make pull requests, and this helps me to improve my English skill.(Of course, it would also be helpful if you tell it to me using DMs, etc.)